Dear friends and customers of Aegviidu Restaurant Vana Waksal.

With a great note of sadness, but at the same time peace of mind, we will let you know that we are closing the doors of our wonderful family restaurant from July 2022.

The last 4 years have been superb from the very beginning, we were welcomed with open arms by all of YOU, and proved to ourselves that the opening of our family restaurant was a important link to Aegviidu community with huge success.

However, after a very busy 4 years, Kevin and I have dedicated all our love, time and energy to running the restaurant to the highest standards always and we have enjoyed every minute of it,  however our beautiful children and our health are very

 important to us in our lives.

Life must be live for our FAMILY so-called our children so that they can have their life alongside with there parents next to them, to create memories and wonderful moments together. Life is not just about work …..

We would hope that someone will continue with our success of Aegviidu Restaurant Vana Waksal and continue to grow the business and keep the Aegviidu station house in heart of the community.

We would like to thank all our current and former employees and all of our wonderful customers.

Piret & Kevin Purcell 


Monday-Thursday CLOSED

Friday 17.00- 22.00

Saturday 13.00- 22.00

Sunday 13.00-18.00

If you wish to book a table for yourself or a group please ring us on  50 31901  

Head Chef Kevin Purcell  is        from Ireland ,he has over 30 + years of Head chef experience, bringing his own style of cooking to Aegviidu.  
Restaurant can accommodate up to
80 people. 

The interior is a step back to the

original style of 1870 Aegviidu train station  where all original features have remained.
Relax in the bar with a Irish coffee in the evening, or have a nice pint of
Guinness, let our friendly staff serve you something nice from our menu.
Food is our Passion & we serve up a range of Classic favorites with a
modern twist. Whether you feel like
nibbling on something small or
having a full hearty meal. There is something to suite you all.